Diana Simaan Kessler, owner of Diana Simaan Inc. was born in London, England.  She first expressed her love for fashion at the age of 2 when she hopped up on the runway at a major show during fashion week in London.  Diana moved to the United States with her family in 1987.  The influences of her family and upbringing endowed Diana with a great love for design in many forms, especially fashion, architecture and interior design. Her career started in interior design and architecture and later transitioned into fashion design.

In 2009 she was Harriet’s Park Avenue Fashion Week Emerging Designer Winner and returned as a judge in 2010.  Diana worked in Milan with a high end designer in 2012 preparing the Spring Summer 2013 collection for two designer fashion labels.  Diana Simaan Inc. focuses on designer day and evening wear.  Her line launched in February 2013 during New York Fashion Week.

She enjoys spending time with her husband & family, traveling and race car driving.  Community service & philanthropic efforts are both important to Diana.

Diana has been approached by media outlets and buyers alike who are eager to feature the talents of this designer star.

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